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Reel Rookie

Annoying popup, I am not able to watch anything without interruptions.

I have this popup on all my tv's every 30 minutes and it needs to be stopped.  I have my Hearing Aids hooked up to my tv so I can hear the tv as well as watching my closed captions.  With this pop up every 30 minutes drowns out the tv and I have to listen to this robot read off what is happening.   I have attached a picture of what it does.  It is on the top part of the TV.   I have a Phillips, a Vizio and 3 Hisense tv with built in ROKU and 2 tv's with HDMI ROKU hookup.  Please help.  This is ruining my enjoyment of watching tv or listening to my music.   Unfortunately I am not able to send or upload a picture.  

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Re: Annoying popup, I am not able to watch anything without interruptions.

If you can't upload a picture, can you at least describe what the popup looks like, the exact text shown on it (if any), etc.?   If we don't know what the popup is, we can't tell you how to get rid of it.

I will say this, though.  l don't know of any Roku-generated popup that occurs on a regular basis like that.  Are you sure it's not something generated by your TV itself?

Edited to add:

There are a couple of audio overlays possible with Roku but I've never seen a visual popup with either of them:

There are two separate systems that can produce voices overlaying the audio.

Voice announcement of Roku menus, button presses, etc.
A feature called Screen Reader (renamed from Audio Guide in Roku version 10.5) announces where you are in the Roku menus for the benefit of the visually impaired. At some point you may have hit the * key on your Roku remote four times in a short period of time. This is a shortcut that toggles the Screen Reader / Audio Guide feature on and off, so four quick presses of the * key should toggle this feature back off.

To deactivate the four-* trigger shortcut altogether use menu path Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut (in the Screen Reader or Audio Guide section) > Disabled

Wrong language or verbal description of action on screen when watching program
Some programs contain multiple audio tracks that can be selected, such as different languages or verbal action descriptions for the visually impaired.

The Roku default method of accessing your choice of audio track is to press the * key on your Roku remote while viewing the program and examining the options presented. These options may vary from channel to channel, depending on which are supported by each individual channel.

But more and more channels are not using the Roku default but substituting their own method of access -- I'm guessing this is so they will have consistent controls with versions of their app running on platforms other than Roku. Often these options are accessed by pressing the up and/or down cursor control keys while viewing the program to pop the channel's own control options on the screen.

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