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All shows on all channels have narration.

Is anyone else hearing a narration for every show they are watching? I've turned it ALL off in settings and even did a factory reset. It's still happening.

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Roku Guru

Re: All shows on all channels have narration.

There are two different "narration" functions:

1) Audio Guide:  This is in the Roku UI configured at:  Settings/Accessibility/Audio Guide=off

2) Audio Description (AD):  This is during content playback configured at:  Press Options (*), select Audio Track, change it to a different track.

You are describing Audio Description/Descriptive Audio - the second type - and you need to change the audio track during playback.


Re: All shows on all channels have narration.

I had the same issue with a narrated voice describing the visuals on screen.  To turn off the Second Audio Program select the audio language WITHOUT an asterisk * beside it.

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