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AirPlay between iPhone 8 and Roku Ultra Halts After Streaming For A While

Whenever I use AirPlay between my Roku Ultra (4670 series)  and my iPhone 8 (running the latest iOS, currently 15.1), things work fine for anywhere from five minutes to a half hour, but then the connection just ends, and the Roku displays a screen telling me AirPlay is installed, and I can use it if I'm on the same network, etc. The phone meanwhile thinks it's still streaming to the device. No amount of turning things off and back on, changing networks, restarting the stream, etc, will convince the Roku that we're streaming to it. Again: no error is displayed, just some AirPlay screen telling me to connect my device on the same network; it looks like some happy little launch screen. And nothing triggers this sudden loss of connection; the phone is just streaming along, untouched.

This has happened consistently for the nearly 16 months I've owned the product.

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