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Channel Surfer

After watching show for an hour or more, first press of pause does not work

Device: 3941X - Roku Express 4K+

Software: 11.0.0 - build 4193-CR

Hulu Version 6.61 - build 0

This issue has only occurred in the last few days. There may have been a software update. (This is why I don't like forced software updates.)

After watching show for an hour or more (it may be a single movie, or several episodes of a show, etc.), the first press of pause on the remote does not work. Instead of pausing, it shows the various icons, such as Start Over, Play, Play Next, etc.

Pressing pause again will pause the show. If I dismiss the icons, and then wait a short amount of time, and press pause, it will pause instantly.

This is inconsistent behavior. Pressing pause during a show should always pause the show immediately. This is how it always worked before, since forever.

I may not be explaining the issue very well. Once I remember to do so, I will record a video of the issue. (Pressing pause is a muscle memory, and because of the intermittent nature of the issue, it might be some time before I remember to record a video before pressing pause!)

I don't know if this is an issue in the Hulu software or the Roku software. Please don't punt this back to Hulu right away, because that is extremely frustrating.

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Roku Guru

Re: After watching show for an hour or more, first press of pause does not work

If the issue is while you are watch Hulu then the issue is clearly a Hulu issue. They developed the channel. You also did not indicate if this was on basic Hulu or Hulu + Live TV. 

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Channel Surfer

Re: After watching show for an hour or more, first press of pause does not work

I do not have the Live TV product only regular Hulu (Ad Free).

I will be trying Netflix to see if the issue occurs. It is very intermittent.

What would be frustrating is if only occurs in Hulu, and I report it to them - if they just blame Roku and tell me to contact Roku (who would then tell me to contact Hulu, etc.). I've had that happen before in similar situations. It's extremely frustrating.

Of course if it also occurs in Netflix then that almost certainly means it is a Roku problem.

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