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Reel Rookie

ANOTHER post about Roku losing playback sound (But still has UI sounds)

This problem seems to have been posted a few times, but the only answer offered is "just restart it / power it on and off, and it should be fine". Yes, that works, for literally a few minutes. This is ridiculous, and I don't see anyone from support actually offering a solution to the problem, just the symptom. Seriously guys, I'm in software QA. You have a bunch of reports of the same behavior, sound from clicking around is still there, but ALL channels content (vid is fine) is missing audio. YouTubeTV, HBOMax, AppleTV - doesn't matter. This only started happening a few days ago, but now happens VERY frequently - I had to restart my Roku Ultra 2022 3 times last night, and already once this morning. That is not a solution to the problem. I bought 3 of these as a move to cord cutting, and this is not helping. Thanks in advance.

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