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4k or HDR on Netflix

4k or hdr on Netflix with ultra?

My ultra is connected to my denon avr which is connected to my JVC projector. Unfortunately the hdmi cable between the projector amd the avr is older (not premium high speed 18gbps). The hdmi cable is through the wall and ceiling and replacing it will require holes in the sheet rock. Probably will do this at some point but not now.

So, for display options on the ultra I can choose 4k 60hz OR 4k 30hz hdr but NOT 4k 60hz hdr. That means:
1. If I choose 4k 60hz I get 4k UHD on Netflix but no hdr (shows as SDR).
2. If I choose 4k hdr 30hz I get HDR (hdr10) on Netflix but NO actual 4k (only shows hd labels and plays at 1080).
3. If I choose 4k hdr 60hz then I don’t get a signal. I know that if I was able to swap out the hdmi cable for a cable capable of 18gbps I’d get both 4k and hdr - I tried by running a cable directly, but can’t fish it behind the wall for now.

So, if I need to stay with the older cable for now, which is better quality, 4k no hdr or 1080 HD HDR?

Is there another solution?

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