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4800X continuous reboot, no control from remote

Roku 4800X Sn# S02A212M2YDJ about 3 months old has stopped working. It continuously reboots with the bouncing ROKU display. I am not able to communicate with the device using the remote or the iphone remote app. I have plugged it to two different tvs, using both wireless and wired connections. I read the section about manual code updates, but it seemed to apply to a roku TV.
I did not see instructions for a manual (USB) update for this device. I am unable to access any menus through the home button on the remote so I can not determine code level or any other status. The problem initially started as loosing connection to the wireless access point requiring a reboot. It has migrated to a vegetative state. Please advise.

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Re: 4800X continuous reboot, no control from remote

I think a factory reset is your only option at this point.  If that doesn't work then you'll probably have to look into a warranty exchange.  Locate the reset button on the bottom and with the power connected press and hold the reset button for no less than 30 seconds while ignoring anything happening onscreen.

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Re: 4800X continuous reboot, no control from remote

Remove the SD card, restart the unit, and reinsert the memory card once the reboot has finished.

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