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3810 media player goes back to home

I've had like four different version of the stick over the past 10 years. One of the main things I do is connect to my NAS server for night music (liquid mind). It's doing something i've never seen one of them do

After a few hours it goes back to the home screen, but with the media player selected

I know about turning off the data saver and turning the screensaver off.


any ideas?

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Re: 3810 media player goes back to home

Roku Media Player (RMP) was updated early last year, and many useful functions were broken in the 5.x version. I was aware of a problem with music playback continuing if the screensaver was enabled, but it should be fine if the SS is disabled. Note that I'm referring to the SS setting within RMP itself, not the overall screensaver set within the Roku Settings/Theme menu. 

If all your settings are correct, I suggest considering joining the RMP beta group. Send a private message to @RokuChris with your account and device information, and he will add you to the group. You will get a new beta version of the channel, along with the publicly released version, so you still have the public version if the beta gets messed up. 


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Re: 3810 media player goes back to home

they are both disabled. Still the same issue. I DM's the guy just now.

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Found something, maybe or maybe not responsible for menu issue

I have a hdmi audio extractor behind my TV where the roku (stick 3810) is plugged into, and the hdmi out goes to my tv.

I use this to create a SP/DIF coax out to my amp (toslink is hooked from TV to amp)

So every night I turn RMP on and my amp to DVD/LD (SP/DIF coax) so I can keep my TV off

Tonight I found if I turn my TV back on during this process, the audio will freeze for a few seconds, and go back to the beta RMP selected on the menu (what usually takes a few hours to happen by itself) ever done this on any roku stick before in my life. It's the exact same problem I've expirenced when I first started using this roku, but have never directly caused it manually.


Maybe it's a CEC issue? My TV is a 10+ yr old Samsung, and it's CEC protocol is a bit outdated compared to today's tvs


I dunno. Just telling you what I observed. Being able to reproduce the problem must say something 

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