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3810 Streaming Stick+ Bricked

For many years I enjoyed using my Roku 3810x (10.5, build 4208) on my Samsung LN-S4092D. Through OS 9.2. It seems that roughly with that OS going away, I have lost all use of the stick due to the dreaded HDCP 020 error. I've gone through support with no solution, I have posted and read MANY work arounds, I have wasted my time trying them all. No bueno.

One irony is that the only Display Type it will accept is 720, HDCP 1.4. Yeah, HDCP is accepted as supposedly working. Auto tried 1080, but it never makes a HDCP connection whereas 720 does. Auto refresh rate on or off does nothing as well.

Not a happy camper by any means... only choice it seems is the trash bin.