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Roku Camera Audio Limiter

I am curious to find out if anyone else has noticed an audio issue with the Roku indoor cameras. I thought the camera was built with just a poor audio component, but the more I investigated, the more I feel that maybe an audio compression limiter is being implemented on these cameras, to put a hard limit on the volume of devices,  that is well below the device capabilities.  

The problem was first noticed when I installed the cameras in my home. In testing, I found the video quality (in both ambiant lighting and night vision) and field of view to be outstanding, but the ambiant audio and two-way tall feature to be almost non-functional.  I chalked it up to cost-efficoency when trying to produce a low cost product. I had been testing via the app on my android phone, and used both the phone speaker and Bluetooth earbuds for my analysis. 

Today however,  I noticed something strange. I checked a camera with my ear buds in use, and then switched back to a social media application that has audio, and found that this application was stuck at the same low volume as the cameras,  even at max volume. I had to disconnect my Bluetooth and reconnect it to get normal volume again.

Is anyone else noticing this issue? Was it intentional,  or is this just a bug with the audio codec? Lastly, if anyone else has experienced this, has anyone else found a fix for it? I love the video aspects of these cameras,  and the price point, but the lack of audio is making me reconsider my purchase in favor of more expensive cameras. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. 

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