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"We're open until 9pm Pacific" usually means...

...that if I call on a Thursday night at 8:22pm Pacific, someone answers. Instead, I get "You called outside of business hours. We're open til 9pm Pacific..." Well, guess what - you aren't!

And guess what else?  My brand new Roku Ultra remote doesn't want to pair with my brand new Roku Ultra unit!  The remote pairing light blinks green once a second, but the Ultra seems to care less, and ignores it.

Also, if the little hole under the Power button is supposed to light up, guess what else doesn't happen.

Well, I just put a voltmeter on your alleged batteries, and somehow I really don't think they're supposed to show 1.06 volts each (instead of 1.50).  Two new batteries from me and, guess what? - it now works.

You owe me $4.00 for the batteries.  You have my email; please let me know how soon I'll be receiving the reimbursement.  Note that it's 8:43pm Pacific time now, so who knows, maybe someone will read this tonight before you go home at 9pm Pacific!  Yeah right.


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