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incompatibility with Samsung smart TV

I cannot switch back and forth between streaming stick and cable TV on a Samsung smart TV about 4 years old. Cable is on HDMI 1: Roku stick is on HDMI 2. I use "source" but once I am using the Roku device the TV will not respond to the FIOS signal when move back to HDMI 1. I must pull the stick, unplug power and reboot. My older TV does not have the problem. The stick really screws up my TV.

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Re: incompatibility with Samsung smart TV


I have a Roku Streaming Stick+ (model 3810) on a Samsung TV. There are no issues. So, there may be something peculiar to your setup.

What happens if you swap the HDMI ports? Hook up cable box to HDMI 2 and Roku to HDMI 1. Does cable (now on HDMI 2) experience the same issue still?

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Re: incompatibility with Samsung smart TV

When you switch back to HDMI1 (FIOS) do you see nothing at all?  Possibly the FIOS box has gone to sleep after inactivity??  If so, can you wake it up? 

Or possibly you mean that if you press a button on the FIOS remote, then the TV switches back to the Roku input?  If so, on your Roku, try going to: Settings -> System -> Control other devices and uncheck 1-touch play. 

That’s all I can think of (so far).