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Reel Rookie

Will An Express or Ultra Work Plugged Into An HDMI Switch

I have a smart TV which I want to turn into a Roku. The HDMI port out on the TV is plugged into an HDMI switch as I have other devices also needing HMDI plugged into it. I have tried a Roku streaming stick but it does not work - the startup interface boots up but I can't do anything after that. Would an Express or Ultra work in this situation plugged into one of the HDMI ports? I've also been considering a Roku soundbar connected to the ARC connection on the tv; would this be an option? Thank you.

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Roku Guru

Re: Will An Express or Ultra Work Plugged Into An HDMI Switch

In theory, I would think that any Roku would work with a switch, though there has been talk of switches being “hit or miss” and maybe a switch that works with some devices doesn’t work with all devices.

Have you tried the stick without the switch?  There’s always a chance that a new device is just not working.  Also, your description reads to me more like a problem of pairing the remote than an HDMI problem, but it’s not super-detailed so I’m guessing.

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Re: Will An Express or Ultra Work Plugged Into An HDMI Switch


Generally, yes, you can use the Roku devices with an HDMI Switch.

Regarding the Streaming Stick (models 3810/3811 and 3820/3821), these come equipped with a Long Range Wireless Receiver cable.  This cable is responsible for both network connection and for use with the Roku RF (radio frequency)/Wi-fi Remote. (additionally, the Streaming Stick will only work with the Roku RF remote).  If this cable is not being used, or is not working properly, then the Streaming Stick will fail to operate.

Try plugging the Streaming Stick directly into the HDMI  port of your TV and see if it works (this should help rule out any compatibility issue with the HDMI Switch).  Then check that both the Long Range Wireless Receiver cable is being used and that is is working.  Then check that the Remote is working (new batteries).

Your other option of using the HDMI ARC for the Soundbar is also a valid route.  Actually, you can use the HDMI ARC for any HDMI device.  When not needed for the audio features of ARC, it will behave as any other HDMI port.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Will An Express or Ultra Work Plugged Into An HDMI Switch

I purchased an Express 4K+, plugged it into the HDMI switch, and it configured and works just fine except for 1 issue. I have a soundbar connecte to the Vizio tv through an ARC/HDMI cable. I access the Roku through the Vizio's menu inputs. However, the Roku will not play through the soundbar, only through the tv. I have checked settings on the tv and Roku. Any ideas on getting the Roku to access the sound bar? Thank you.

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