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Why isn’t Roku free why have to pay for it not understanding this at all

Why do I have to pay for Roku when it’s free and only have to pay for certain channels 

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Re: Why isn’t Roku free why have to pay for it not understanding this at all


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify your inquiry? 

We would recommend taking a look at the information provided by our Support page here: Find free content

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: Why isn’t Roku free why have to pay for it not understanding this at all


What is it that you're having to pay for? There's no charge to use a Roku. Sure, you have to buy one, just like you have to buy a TV or food or soap or anything else, so you can't be talking about that. So what is it you're paying for?

There is no charge to hook up a Roku. There is no charge to use a Roku. (keep reading)

However, some content providers do charge. Netflix isn't free, for instance. If you want to watch Netflix, you have to pay Netflix. It's how Netflix makes money.

But, there is plenty of stuff that is free. Most of that is ad-supported, so you have to sit through commercials, but that's it.

What is it that you're paying for that you think is free? It may be free, but if so, who is it that you're paying? And how much? And for what?

Yes, @RokuDanny-R will probably be the one to help you, particularly since he works for Roku, but do share the information about what you're paying, how much, to whom, and for what. Be specific in the names of the apps and services for which you say you're being charged. Don't just say "everything" say something specific.

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Re: Why isn’t Roku free why have to pay for it not understanding this at all

Unfortunately some people manage to sign up for roku via a scammy website that charges money for what is officially free.

Sorry if that has happened to you.

And yes there are streaming services that cost money, but these cost money on any streaming device or smart TV.

No content is free to make, someone pays for it.  As the phrase has it, if you don't pay for the product then you are the product (I.e. get to watch lots of adverts to see the content).


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