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Way to program ROKU for fast channel surfing?

I am getting set up with ROKU for the first time. Is there a way to get ROKU to function more like cable TV works, so that you can just quickly go up and down channels (channel surfing)? As far as I can tell, each time you want to change channels, you have to return to the home page, then navigate to the channel you want, then select a specific show or segment

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Re: Way to program ROKU for fast channel surfing?


The only standalone Channels/apps that behave like that are those that contain both on demand and live tv sections.  If you look at free Channels/apps like the Roku Channel, Pluto, Redbox, Filmrise, etc then some of those include additional Channels/apps like Filmrise that can be watched through them.  Minimizes some visits to the home screen if interested in live tv streaming. (in livetv guides, will scroll through an EPG guide just like a cable EPG guide, usually with channel numbers).

For on demand content, normally requires a visit to the home screen to launch the Channel/app that contains your content.  (the scenario you described in your question).

Many of the Channels/apps can be accessed through the Roku Channel so that may also help to minimize some trips to the home screen.

As you become more familiar and try out some different Channels/apps you will find some shortcuts along the way.

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