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Binge Watcher

Want to cut cable but concerned

I am tired of paying the COX cable bills.    I do have a roku firestick (old one) but it works fine with my old tv.    I plan on keeping the COX wifi internet but will no longer have the cable tv from them. Will my tv still work with the firestick?       I will need to buy another one for my 2nd I have to buy the exact one I currently have?

I enjoy watching my local news in Scottsdale....will that still be available?

I apologize for all these questions but am so apprehensive about cutting the cord.   Only stations I really watch on cable are local news, ION, and Ch 83.

Thanks for any advice you can offer

Gary    [personal information removed]

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Roku Guru

Re: Want to cut cable but concerned

Roku and Firestick are two completely different products.  (Firestick is an Amazon product.) Not that you can't use both, of course.  You don't have to "cut any cord" to find out what channels you can get on a Roku or a Firestick.  These can both be used along with any cable TV system.  (And since you're keeping their cable anyway, no cords are being cut so it's really a very small change that can easily be undone.  In fact, after you cancel the cable TV, they may even make you a "special offer" to come back!)

Over The Air, can also be added into the mix.  Some people forget that exists but it still does!  Smiley Happy

One complication is that if you're using any channels on a Roku or a Firestick that require you to "login with your TV provider", those will go away, of course.  But there may be alternative ways to get to some of those channels.

Binge Watcher

Re: Want to cut cable but concerned

Thank you for your reply.   I accidentally used the word firestick as thought it was the same as the Roku stick.....I only have the Roku stick

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