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Reel Rookie

Using Roku w Hisense U8H / Google TV

So I'm looking to replace my old TCL Roku TV with the new Hisense U8H that seems to be getting great reviews.  Since I hate the Google TV OS, I intend to plug a Roku Ultra or stick in to an HDMI port.  Does anyone know if the set can be configured to open directly into the Roku OS and just totally bypass Google TV when it's turned on?

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Streaming Star

Re: Using Roku w Hisense U8H / Google TV

Yes. I have a Hisense H9G with my Ultra plugged into HDMI 2 (HDMI 1 is my ARC return for the soundbar). I didn't even bother connecting the TV to my WiFi and made sure the television is set on HDMI 2 when I press the power button on the Roku remote.

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