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Ultra Factory Reset Questions

I want to cut the cord. I don't want to pay FIOS $180+ per month.

I like the simplicity of the Roku.

I have a 23" 720P TV to which I want to connect an Ultra. But I want to upgrade the 23" 720P to a 32" 1080P. When the Ultra is initially hooked up to the 23", it will detect what type of TV it is.

But what will happen if I hook up a 32" TV to the Ultra? Will the Ultra pop up a window which basically says, "Hey, wait a minute. This isn't the same TV!"? What will happen? Do I do a factory reset of the Ultra while it is still connected to the 23" & then abort the setup before I switch TVs? Or do I do a factory reset after I switch TVs? But then again, how can I do a factory reset before I do the setup?

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Re: Ultra Factory Reset Questions


You should be able to switch your Roku devices between TVs with ease and without factory resetting.

The Ultra should automatically detect the new display rate.

These devices are meant to be portable and used on different tvs and different networks.

Re: factory reset, normally reset them on the device you plan on using it on.  Access the factory reset through the advanced settings or press and hold the Reset button for 30+ seconds.

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