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Trying to install and activate Premier

Any idea how to install premiere without installing all the bloat apps.  Everything goes well with installation until it starts loading all my account apps plus the apps listed in the installation process.  I have made sure they are all deselected but the install still attempts to install them and then goes into a continuous loop before completing the install.

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Re: Trying to install and activate Premier

When you go through the setup process, Roku will ask some questions, as you've seen. It uses that to pre-select apps to install. And, before it installs them, you have the opportunity to uncheck any or all of them. Just scroll on the Web page and you'll see.

Once you've set up an account, however, the only way to not have them installed is to remove them from one device. When any app is removed from any device on an account, it's removed from all. When an app is added to one on an account, it's added to all.

Since you seem to have gone past the point of unselecting on initial account setup, you only have the option to remove from a device. Anyone setting up new should pay close attention to those Web pages if they don't want the apps.

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