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Reel Rookie

Transferring account to new Roku is almost worthless

Not so much a question as a comment, because the worst of the frustration is over and by the time I get a response it will be done, but I'm not happy about the way transferring my account to a new device has gone. For starters, I didn't want a new device, but I was forced to get one because one of the apps I use was no longer supported on the version of Roku I had. This is at least the third time I've had to get a new Roku device for that reason. I don't remember what was involved in trying to transfer my account the last couple of times, but I probably ended up doing it the hard way. Unfortunately, the "easy" way isn't much easier. Once I completed the task I found that the arrangement of the apps from my old device did not transfer over, and with 100+ apps on my device it can be a chore to find them and rearrange them the way I want them again. Then I found out that none of my login information transferred over, so I manually had to log into each account all over again. So basically it would have been faster to just bypass the account transfer process, just start anew and download all of the apps I used the most and logged into them, and then take my time rediscovering and downloading the more obscure ones. Considering the amount of frustration involved in this process, the next time I find that one of my apps will no longer be supported, I will definitely be looking for options besides Roku.