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The continuing saga of “no signal”

We have a Roku Express purchased at a Walmart in Mexico. Regrettably, that was in 2019, so any warranty has elapsed. Trying now to install it to a tv down here that had synced previously to an earlier Roku model yet all I get is a “no signal” response. I’ve swapped out the hdmi cable; plugged the device into a wall socket instead of the tv; tried every possible option…all I get from the device is an initial blue light for 5 seconds or so, followed by a blinking blue light, and then nothing. Am I missing something or is it likely I have a defective product?

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Re: The continuing saga of “no signal”


It may have gone bad.

No signal can mean the HDMI cable is bad, it can mean the HDMI input on the TV is bad, it could mean the power supply is bad (weak, since you get a light). There could be other issues, including the device itself is bad.

A Roku Express from 2019 should still have plenty of good life in it. If you have an easy return policy at a local store, trying a new device may resolve it. If it does, then you could troubleshoot further to determine which aspect of the system is bad. If it doesn't resolve it, it's likely the TV or the wall socket.

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