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Thank you - so pleased with my new Rokus

Fire TV user for the past 6 years -- literally since they were released, but a Roku user before that. My 2nd gen Roku is still on an old CRT TV in the garage, and impressively still works, so getting a brand new Roku felt a bit like coming home.

I love the no-nonsense UI. The "app first" (or "channel first") approach is so clean and simple. Fire TV had gotten so cluttered with ads, recommendations, auto-playing trailers and a bunch of stuff no consumer ever asked for. As a result, it got slow and flaky, needing almost daily reboots. My Roku, on the other hand "just works" whenever I want to watch something. Channels are stable, and quick, and best of all, most of them even remembered my login when I added a second Roku, making setup a breeze.

I have no complaints about the "Feed" or other approaches to recommending content, and in fact, I feel better about supporting Roku by getting some of the Premium offerings, simply because they don't jam them in my face, or make me watch trailers for things I'm not interested in.

A huge thanks to Roku, and this community, for keeping streaming simple and enjoyable. Roku Product Managers, please don't follow the path of Amazon and others!