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Streaming stick plus

Hi, I want to buy the roku streaming stick plus, but I have a really old tv. I have an avi to hdmi converter but it doesn't have the dp port. So can anyone tell me what type of adapter I need to buy? 



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Roku Guru

Re: Streaming stick plus

"dp port" = DisplayPort?  Is that what your TV uses?  Seems more likely a "typical" old TV would need something like HDMI to composite.

And AVI sounds like a video file format, so I'm not sure what you're connecting to...



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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Streaming stick plus

This answer isn't what you will want to hear, but I'll make a couple of assumptions first.

By "dp" you mean Display Port

By "avi to hdmi" you mean "DVI to HDMI" 

It isn't clear if your older TV has a DVI or DisplayPort connection. So, you'll need either an HDMI to DisplayPort or an HDMI to DVI adapter.

If those assumptions are correct, you're now looking at weighing the cost of things.

  • Roku Streaming Stick+ is $50 (though you can often find them on sale).
  • HDMI (female) to DisplayPort adapters run from $15-40.
  • HDMI (female) to DVI adapters are around $30+ and you still need DVI and audio cables.

Where all this is leading is to consider the cost to do what you're seeking vs the cost of a similar size Roku TV. Of course, cost isn't always the most important factor, but it may be worth considering.

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