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Sony KE32-TS2 and roku premier

I connected the Roku Premier using a no-name HDMI-to-composite video and stereo audio converter by plugging Roku into the converter and the Red-White-Yellow cables from the converter into the Ch. 1 inputs on the TV.  

Plugged the power in for both the converter and the Roku, turned on the TV and tuned the TV to Video01.  

No Roku screen starts.  All I see is “Video01" and “NTSC” and I can scroll through the various display modes (“Movie” etc.)

Video02 Video03 and Video04 only display “No signal” 

Thoughts?  How do I get the Roku to work?

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Roku Guru

Re: Sony KE32-TS2 and roku premier

Do you have a more modern TV that you can test with the Roku?  That would help narrow things down since right now you have 3 things that could have an issue.  Just wild-guessing, but my first guess at a culprit would be the " no-name HDMI-to-composite" gadget.  They have a reputation for being hit-or-miss so it's an easy target! Smiley Happy