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Help getting started with Roku devices, including setup, connecting your device to your TV, linking a Roku device to your account at, adding channels, subscribing to services, and more.
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Setup Help

I recently bought 6 ROKU EXPRESS + boxes with the intent of streaming my cable over my WIFI through them. I have 6 TVs in the house, one of which is ROKU ready. I originally was with Comcast, which is now Spectrum. My initial plan is to keep their Spectrum TV Complete plan and return all of the Spectrum cable boxes I rent from them. For the 4 DVR boxes, the 2 HD boxes, and the DVR service fee I paying close to $70 per month!


I called Spectrum and verified they offer an unadvertised Cloud DVR service for my Spectrum Select TV plan for $5.00 per month, I’m assuming with this option added to my account I will be able to record shows on any TV and watch any recorded show on any TV. FYI, I used to have Comcast Whole House DVR, which allowed the edibility to record on one TV and watch it on another TV, but only the TVs that had the DVR boxes. This will be even better.


I set up a ROKU box on my Den TV; I then created a ROKU account. I was following the instructions to LINK my box to my account and it said I was to enter the code that was on the TV. The problem is no code ever showed up on the TV. When I go onto my ROKU account it shows the box as already LINKed? I'm Confused, is it truly linked? Should I continue to add my other boxes?


A couple of other questions:

  1.                   When I turn on the ROKU box and TV I have to push the left arrow to select the only 1 channel, "Spectrum", I downloaded.. Is there a way this can happen automatically since there is only 1 channel available?
  2.                   When I turn on the cloud DVR functionality I’m assuming this new DVR option will show up under the Spectrum options?
  3.                   When I LINK the additional boxes will I get a LINK code for each box I need to enter or will they also automatically be added?
  4.                   Will the ROKU ready TV require a ROKU EXPRESS + box to use all the features, especially the DVR feature.


The reason I’m initially keeping my Spectrum account is there are a few cable channels we watch a lot. Once it's converted over I will look at other options.

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