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Screensaver changing all the time.

I have a Roku 3, software version 11.0.0 - build 4193-04. I need to be able to set my screensaver to what I want because some of the default ones really bug my client. However, I cannot remove unwanted default screensavers, I don’t have custom settings nor do I have seasonal themes. I don’t see anyway to change the screensaver and have it stay. Help?


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Re: Screensaver changing all the time.


If you have seasonal themes disabled, the screen saver generally should remain as is unless someone changes it.

There are some exceptions to this, however.

If you are on the Home screen, the set screen saver will kick in.

If you are in an app and the timeout occurs, initializing a screen saver, some apps allow the defined screen saver if possible. Others will use an app-defined screen saver (this varies from app to app, and not all apps do this). Some use the "raining Roku logo" screen saver. Others may user other simple screen savers.

If, however, from the Home screen, a screen saver other than as defined starts, there is an issue. If the other circumstances are in play (within an app and screen saver starts) then that's normal functionality as defined by the app.

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