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Screen mirroring never works roku app doesn't work

Screen mirroring doesn't work I scan the QR code download it and the app list the TVs but doesn't list them as Roku it lists them as some other name and when I try to connect to one it says this is not a Roku device it can't connect to it so what the heck is wrong with Roku that their stuff is so garbage? 

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Re: Screen mirroring never works roku app doesn't work


You need to list your specific Roku model #(s)/firmware version(s):  Settings/System/About

You should also list your phone model/iOS version.

Otherwise, it sounds like you are trying to AirPlay-mirror: Settings/Apple AirPlay and HomeKit

"Screen Mirroring" on Roku and the rest of the non-Apple universe usually means Miracast-based, (or sometimes GoogleCast/ChromeCast-based - non-Roku):  Settings/System/Screen mirroring

Otherwise, without more specifics its hard to address what the issue is -  try rebooting/restarting ALL devices (modem + router + Roku + phone) and trying again.