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Roku won't work with my Toshiba 42HP66 TV

I've had a Roku Premiere connected to my Vizio TV for about a year and a half and it's worked great. Now we are planning on cutting the cable with Dish and going all-streaming. So I bought a Roku Express 4K+ to connect to my older TV - Toshiba 42HP66 - but when I try to connect the Roku I get no signal.

I know the Roku Express works because I connected it to my Vizio TV with no problems. I also tried connecting the Premiere to the Toshiba with the same result - no signal on the Toshiba though it works fine with the Vizio.

I've checked all the usual suspects for a bad connection - cable, input, power. I know it's a working connection because I have my Dish receiver connected with this cable on this input. I just unhook from the Dish and plug in the Roku. I've tried this many, many times, varying how I connect the HDMI cable & power cable to the Roku, and with both the Premiere & the Express 4K+, and restarting the TV. I've also tried resetting the Rokus by pressing the button for 10 seconds (although I never get the blinking light), with no luck (as I said, they both work fine on the Vizio). I contacted Roku Support and they had no suggestions.

Is there something about this older TV that is causing a problem? Roku says it can connect to any TV that has HDMI inputs and this TV has 2, which work fine with my Dish Receiver and an older DVD/VHS player.

I'm stumped!

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Re: Roku won't work with my Toshiba 42HP66 TV

Its probably an HDMI EDID/handshaking issue.

Try this: 

1) Connect either/both of your Roku's to your Vizio, and set Settings/Display=720p TV (manually set it).

2) With your remote:  Home 5x, Down, Left, Up 3x - then select "Disable automatic recovery".

3) Disconnect it from Vizio, connect it to Toshiba.

Does either/both get a picture?

(Reverse the process to set either/both Roku back to defaults, and/or to connect to your Vizio).

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Re: Roku won't work with my Toshiba 42HP66 TV

Nope. I tried it with both Rokus and still no connection. I thought we were on to something there. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Re: Roku won't work with my Toshiba 42HP66 TV


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried using another HDMI cable to see if that resolves the issue you are experiencing?

For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried connecting your new Roku device to another TV to see if you are seeing the same issue?

Please keep us posted.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Roku won't work with my Toshiba 42HP66 TV - SOLVED

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the suggestion but I did solve the problem. It was the power supply. I was using the cable that came with the Roku but not the power block. I just grabbed a power block that I had, and apparently they're not all the same.

All the troubleshooting tips I read said to make sure and plug the unit into a WALL OUTLET, as opposed to the USB port of the TV  [though I've been running my Premiere with the USB for a year and a half without any problem]. When I finally hit upon the idea of finding the original Roku power block and plugging in with that it worked fine. And then I changed to it the USB port on the TV and that worked fine, too.

I had a blue light on the Roku when I was using the other power block so I figured it was powered properly. BTW, the light on the Rokus is very dim so I had wondered if there was a problem with it but even using the correct power block the light is very dim. It would be nice if the light would come on ONLY when sufficient power was present.

So for anyone who has the same problem as me where the TV doesn't recognize the Roku, MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE POWER BLOCK THAT CAME WITH THE ROKU, because that was what was causing my confusion/frustration/error for the last 3 days.