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Roku won’t recognize HD capable TV

I have a 30 year old Sony Trinitron Wega. HD ready TV and  a Roku 3910 RW plus.  The Roku used to recognize that the Trinitron was HD capable but after an update some time this summer I can’t get it to do so any more.  I watch HD all the time with cable.  Any hints on getting the Roku to recognize the HD capability so I can get a better picture?

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Re: Roku won’t recognize HD capable TV


You didn't specify which TV model number you have. The Trinitron/WEGA was introduced in 1998 in the US, 23 years ago, but I'm not sure when it may have debuted elsewhere. Are you using it overseas? Or did you get it overseas?

HDMI was introduced in 2002. So, since it's a 30-year old TV, it's not connecting that way. How are you connecting the device? Are you connecting your Roku to the TV? Are you using an adapter? If so, what is the adapter setup? That may help Roku determine if a software update broke something that your adapters use that most people don't.

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