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Roku not connecting to TV

I got a brand new Roku Express+ and can’t seem to connect to my TV. It’s an older JVC but it has HDMI ports. I can’t seem to find the channel that it’s connected to though. I click “INPUT” on the TV (I don’t have the remote w me) and it gives me the following options: Antenna, Video-1 “Disc”, Video-2 “VCR”, Video-3 “DVD”, Video-4 “SAT”, and Video-5 “DISC”. I’ve clicked though all and gave them a good 10 sec each to recognize anything and either the screen goes blank, or I get “No Program or Weak Signal”.

I tried it on a different TV and it worked fine. All cables are also connected firmly to the Roku, Tv, and power outlet. 

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Re: Roku not connecting to TV

You listed five video inputs. Does the TV have 5 HDMI ports?

You didn't say how many different HDMI inputs you tried. You said you connected the Roku, then scrolled through the inputs. That could very well mean you connected the Roku to a single HDMI port and didn't try any of the others. Try the others. Repeat what you have done for each of the HDMI ports until you find one that works. Of course, it could be that none of them work, but this is a way to find out.

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