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Reel Rookie

Roku device stuck on Startup screen

After applying 10.5 update, my 3930X SN S013297SHHSH continually loops on startup screen (dancing ROKU screen)

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Re: Roku device stuck on Startup screen


Thanks for the post.

Have you tried disconnecting the power from your Roku device for 5-10 minutes then plugging it back in again to see if you are still seeing the issue occur?

If so, we would recommend trying to perform a factory reset on your Roku device to see if you can set the device back up again. For more information about how to factory reset your Roku device, visit our Support page here: Factory reset your Roku

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku device stuck on Startup screen

Thanks for the reply Danny. Unfortunately, both the power resets and factory resets I've tried haven't helped Smiley Sad

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Re: Roku device stuck on Startup screen

I can't find anything already posted which addresses the problem we are having with our brand new ROKU Express 4K device we bought yesterday. We have an existing Roku account and have a device linked to it. We bought a second new ROKU Express 4K and when we tried to connect it and activate it yesterday, it connected properly but for some reason we did not get any message asking us to enter our email address so we could receive an activation code email. We went ahead anyway with the setup process and could connect to the many apps which were accessible but when we tried to add a new app which we have already added to our old Roku device, the setup process for add a channel asked us to enter the remote PIN so the new channel would be added. However, our existing account clearly states no PIN is necessary to purchase anything or to add any device to our account, etc. Thus we can use the new Roku now but can't view the channel we want to add. In addition, I can't find anything in the Roku website which allows me to link our new device with our existing Roku account. The Help information I have found on the website talks about the Guided Setup process when the device was added, but I can't find Guided Setup or anything similar in order to link our new device to our current account. When I check our account separately on the Roku website, it only shows our old device, etc., but I can't find anything there which will allow me to add the new device separately other than to go through the on-screen setup process which we did when we first connected the new device as shown above. Since that process clearly did not work completely, what can we do to link our new device to our existing account, and how do we do this step by step? Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you. Pat M

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Re: Roku device stuck on Startup screen

@coffeecup, it sounds like you got a device that was already linked to someone else's Roku account.  Check the email address displayed under Settings->System->About.  If there's one there and it's not yours you'll have to factory reset the device from Settings->System->Advanced system settings.

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