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Roku completely locking up my tv and cable box; can’t press anything

I have a Roku express stick plugged into my TV and I also have a cable box. Last night my TV turned on by itself and it automatically turned to the “add channel” section of the Roku. It was on a screen to add Sling TV. On my Roku remote, it wouldn’t let me press anything at all, wouldn’t let me go back to the Home Screen. I could hear the noise on the screen when I press a button, but it wouldn’t actually do anything.

It also would not let me switch over to cable. My cable remote would not work (and I just recently replaced the batteries so it isn’t that). It wouldn’t even let me turn off the TV! Literally nothing worked. It’s like the Roku completely locked up my TV. It just wouldn’t get off the screen to add the Sling channel. I tried just pressing “okay” on the Roku remote to add the channel, but it doesn’t do anything.

I unplugged the Roku so it would restart. When it came back on, it was at the Home Screen for maybe 10 seconds before it automatically flipped back to the “add Sling” screen, and once again wouldn’t let me do anything whatsoever. I can’t use the cable remote, and even the remote that came with the original TV won’t work to turn it off. I unplugged the Roku once more and left it unplugged, and only then did it let me turn my cable on and turn my TV on and off with the other remote(s). I plugged the Roku back in, and it literally shut my cable box off and switched back to the “add Sling” screen by itself, and once again wouldn’t let me do anything at all.

I’m so confused right now. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku completely locking up my tv and cable box; can’t press anything

Does your Roku remote have a sling button on it?  If so, the button may be stuck down, or may be defective in such a way that the remote is constantly sending the sling TV code.

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