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Roku box being mounted behind tv.

I am hanging my Samsung tv on wall and need to move Roku box. I was goi g to mount to rear of tv, will the remote still work to change channels, if not any suggestions on how can I make it work.

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Re: Roku box being mounted behind tv.

Depends upon which Roku you are using. If it is a Roku Ultra then yes. Other Roku models use an IR remote. Roku Sticks and the Ultra use RF. Which Roku model do you have? Usually if it takes AAA batteries it is an IR remote. If it uses AA batteries it's an RF remote.

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Re: Roku box being mounted behind tv.


What's the model number? All current models will support the Voice Remote. Some come with it, some don't, but still support it. Of the current lineup, only the Express and Express 4K come with the Simple Remote (IR), but both work with the Voice Remote. If you have an older Express, it might not. So the model number will tell us if it's compatible.

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