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Roku availability Internationally

I'm planning to move overseas for a couple of years. Does Roku work overseas? If so, what does this depend on? Which model(s) would work? What type of programming is available - US based or local channels?

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku availability Internationally

I suppose you can go to the channel store and go to the lower right and see if your proposed location is listed.  If it is, set the channel store for that and see what you can find available.  If it's not one of those countries, then some stuff will still be available, but you may not get any official support finding it. If you browse the forum, you'll see many people posting from many unsupported locations.  Of course, as you would expect, some of those people are complaining that some specific channel is not supported at their location, but even they seem to get quite a few other channels.

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