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Roku activation fee scam - Offered basic and premium packages starting at $75

I was setting up my Roku today.  When I got to the internet activation step, the unit would not activate.  I got an "Ooops" screen with the option to call or chat with someone.  I started the chat which only went to someone calling me back.   So far...ok

I got the call from Texas.  The person told me the roku would not activate because i didn't have an account.  That was not right because I was resetting my device... worked fine but for a few glitches the reset should fix.  

He was going to activate it for me.  Wanted me to choose between a basic and a premium package.  Basic was good for 5 devices, 5 years and $75.  

Told him if that was the case, i will sell the roku and get an Apple TV.  


End of call.


Got on the Roku site from my PC.  Went to devices, added it and I am up and running again no problem.

Be aware!  The lengths people go to to steal from others!  

Very happy with my Roku+ premium other than that it is freezing/ won't talk to any remote without a restart.  Thus the hard reset....


Good luck!


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Re: Activation Scam: Offered basic and premium packages starting at $75

Your post is a good reminder that other than the cost of the devices, Roku is FREE and does not charge any activation fees.  It is simply a streaming device.  It is not a paid subscription service.

You can buy a Roku device and never ever pay another dime by watching only the free ad-supported application channels you add to Roku and media routed to the Roku Media Player.  Only costs are your internet charge (payable to your Internet Service Provider) and any premium application channels you choose to subscribe to (Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Starz, etc.) 

Have to be careful when going to activation pages for any service. Need to make sure you are on the legitimate site and have not been redirected elsewhere by a browser redirect or mistyping the intended web address.  Unfortunately, even a scammer has to eat....and it beats working for a living I guess.


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