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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra directly to soundbar eARC flickering/unwatchable

Here’s my issue: When I connect the Roku ultra (purchased 2018) with high-speed HDMI cables to the HDMI IN on my soundbar (LG SP8y) then connect the HDMI eARC to the TV eARC (HDMI 3,LG NANO91), the screen flickers…….It is unwatchable.

  • When I connect the Roku Ultra directly to the TV (HDMI 4) with eARC in HDMI3 to soundbar, no problems
  • HDMI 3 is the eARC
  • eARC is turned on
  • auto-adjust screen display is off

I’ve had this issue for a while, and I’d like to connect the Roku ultra to the soundbar directly for better sound. What am I doing wrong?

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