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Roku TV keeps saying it can't reach me by email.

I bought a Roku TV a week ago and still have not been able to use it. It connected to my wifi no problem and then asked for an email. I have tried my email and my mom's and it keeps saying "We can't seem to reach you by email". Both of our emails have a roku account. We have called them twice and each time they told us it was a bigger issue than they could deal with and they would refer us to someone who could help and they would contact us by email or phone in 12 to 24hrs. Both times we have heard nothing from them. Now I can't even find a contact number to call them again.  I'm sick of this and I'm taking the TV back. I've heard it is a hardware issue on Rokus end? Idk. But the customer service has been a joke. If you say you will contact someone, do so. And fix the issue. I will be buying something other than a Roku after I return this TV. 

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