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Roku Smart Soundbar RED Led and Never Shows Home Screen

I have a new to me used #Roku Smart Soundbar 9101X.  They claim it was a floor model and worked properly.  When I plug it in, it shows the bouncing Roku on the screen, but then switches to a red LED and the TV shows no signal.  I've tried it on multiple inputs, and two different TV with two different HDMI cables with the same result.  I've tried holding down the reset button for a variety of times from 5 seconds to over 30 seconds, and keep getting the same outcome. 

I can't find any guide of what the LEDs mean - does anyone know what the red LED signifies?

What is the factory reset process, as holding down the reset button doesn't seem to be doing anything different based on the amount of time I hold it down.

Other ideas on addressing the issue?


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Re: Roku Smart Soundbar RED Led and Never Shows Home Screen

Floor model? Purchased by you from the store that had it on display? If so, I'd take it back.

If you bought it from a user who said it was a floor model when he got it, you may be out of luck.

Everything you've done troubleshooting seems to be the proper steps.

Roku asked for a PM. If you are original owner (purchased from a store) you would be under warranty. Not so sure about a purchase from a previous owner.

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