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Reel Rookie

Roku Express HD takes wayyyy to long to boot

Hello everyone!

i think that there is something seriously wrong with my Roku Device. I posted something like this before, didnt get a useful answer. I avoid unplugging my roku, but sometimes i have to. Booting shouldnt take too long, well mine hasnt booted after being plugged in, its been plugged in for well over 24h. I tried doing a hard reset, just unplugging it for a couple of seconds but it hasnt helped. The little light keeps blinking and my TV switches between: „No Signal“ and „Check Signal Cable“. I am desperate to get help. This is really annoying

Roku Express (3930, 3931 series)  

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Re: Roku Express HD takes wayyyy to long to boot

OK, so you never see the dancing Roku logo (the boot screen)? I didn't see it in the video. 

To do a factory reset, you have to press the recessed button on the back of the Roku for a minimum of 30 seconds, and not one second less. Ignore anything you see on the screen while you're doing it. Your power reset doesn't appear to have been successful doing anything.

However, before you do a factory reset, I'd try the player on a different TV, just to completely rule out anything other than the Roku. And of course try a different HDMI cable as well. 


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