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Roku Express 4K purchased in Germany - not working in Italy

Hi, i purchased a Roku Express 4k on, and never used it, then I moved to Italy where I currently live. 

I set up a new account, but I can only see Netflix. Amazon Prime or Disney+ is not available in the list of the channels available. I have an Italian subscription for both the services, so I don't want to access another country's version of the service...

There's a way to use the device or should I ask for a refund? 

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Re: Roku Express 4K purchased in Germany - not working in Italy


I don't know what Amazon's policies in Germany are. You would need to pursue there, since that's where you bought it.

Roku isn't supporting in Europe outside UK, France, and Germany. Roku doesn't stop apps from working there (you see Netflix, for instance), but rather, leaves it up to the developers to determine where apps are supported. Amazon and Disney do not support their Roku apps outside countries where Roku itself is supported.

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Re: Roku Express 4K purchased in Germany - not working in Italy

I live in Italy.  I have a Roku Express (not 4K), and it's working fine.  Are you able to log into and see the channels from there?  I would log into your Roku account online and see if you can look for the channels and "add" them from the web rather than from the Roku device to see if this solves the problem.  I have not needed to do this, but we have both Amazon Prime and Disney+ on our Roku, but they were added a while ago when we had a Roku Stick.  I do not know why the device type itself would be an issue though!


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