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Plasma television 2006, RCA hook up

I have a Roku express, Roku four, and another Roku how can I use these any of them with my plasma which has RCA hook up, I also have RCA hook ups that go to HDMI which I have tried I just cannot hook it up properly or maybe these are compatible with a plasma television?


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Re: Plasma television 2006, RCA hook up

TV's that don't have HDMI are just increasingly useless in 2021 and onwards. Really time for a new TV that has HDMI. Not sonething Roku can fix.

A few older Roku models do have RCA but not really enough processor or memory for latest OS and channels, and will be desupported soon, so I would not bother trying to buy one secondhand on eBay or similar, unless your watching needs are really basic.

HDMI standards put limitations on converting down to older video standards, for content protection reasons. Will work sometimes but often not. Game over, thanks for playing if that kind of connection is not working to attach Roku. Buy a new TV that supports HDMI.

Nothing to do with TV being Plasma, just old and not having modern ports.




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Re: Plasma television 2006, RCA hook up

You can get an HDMI to RCA converter from Amazon to make the HDMI image into a lower quality composite image.

You need to make sure you have one that goes the right “direction.” Most units take an RCA signal and make it HDMI. You want an HDMI to RCA. These are active adapters and need power.

HDMI to RCA, HDMI to AV Converter, HDMI to Older TV Video Audio Converter Adapter for Apple TV, Roku, Fire Stick, Xiaomi Mi Box ect -Black

If that plasma has ANY HDMI ports you want to use that. If it only has 1 and you need multiple connections an HDMI SWITCHER is what you want.

Fosmon 3-Port HDMI Switch 4K, 3x1 Switcher (Automatic Switching) Support Ultra HD 3D HDR Full HD 1080P HDCP, HDMI Splitter Hub Compatible with Apple TV Roku Fire TV Stick HDTV PS4 Xbox One Chromecast



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