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No music during set-up then HDCP error

This is my 4th set-up of a new Roku Device over the last year. First 3 took a total of 10 minutes combined. This one just hit 3 hours. 

First issue, is I don't hear music during set-up. Skipping this and finishing the rest up set-up, I  then receive the HDCP error when trying to watch anything. The 4 steps suggested do not work to resolve the issue. I've tried restoring factory settings and doing steps again. Did not help.

I am trying to set-up with a Streaming Stick +, model # 3810x 

TV is Vizio, M55-DO

Prior to trying to install this Stick +, there was an Express on this tv without any issues.

Another Stick + was on this tv a few months ago without issue. It was moved to the bedroom.

Bad stick? Any thoughts?

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Re: No music during set-up then HDCP error


Thanks for the post.

We would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps provided by our Support page here: What should I do if I see a “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen?

In addition, we would recommend filling out the online order form for a free HDMI extender to see if that helps with the issue you are seeing. 

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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