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New user. Setting up Roku streaming stick, "Wireless Receiver not detected"

So, I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick 4K today (3820R model), and am presently attempting to set it up. I have the power cord plugged into the stick,and I've tried with the USB end plugged into the outlet adapter and into the TV, and the stick itself in one of the HDMI ports on the TV. It goes to the white screen "Wireless Receiver not detected." I'm not really sure what is going on. The remote does nothing. Every 5 mins or so, it will restart and try to reload, but ends up on the same screen.

Also, FWIW, I've tried this in two TVs with the same result.

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Re: New user. Setting up Roku streaming stick, "Wireless Receiver not detected"

Your 3820 should have come with a power cord with a large bump in it that looks like this:

The stick itself has no built-in WiFi receiver.  That bump is the WR002 Long Range Wireless Receiver that is built into the USB power cord. 

You must use this cord to power your Streaming Stick.  If instead you use a normal USB cord without the built-in WR002, your Stick will have no WiFi capabilities for connecting to the internet, nor will your remote work since it connects via WiFi-direct.  The small connector at one end plugs into the stick, the large connector at the other end plugs into a USB source.

Note that the USB ports on many TVs do not provide enough current to power your Roku reliably.  It is recommended that you plug the large USB-A end into the included USB power adapter connected to your house power.

If you have it connected correctly, and you still get the "Wireless Receiver not detected" message, you may have a defective stick or WR002.  If purchased locally, I'd suggest packing it back up and returning it in exchange for a new one.

If purchased from Roku, here are Roku's warranty claim instructions:

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