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New roku tv stick on AirBnB roku tv not working

Can not set up the tv stick, and both that remote and the roku tv remote I'm trying to use the stick on control the tv.

Choosing HDMI1 (where I have the stick plugged in, correctly, all the way, etc) I can not get past 'pairing remote' step!

HDM1 (and 2, tried it) not recognized, but then it asks for pairing but stuck, even tho it's paired.

1. why are two remotes both controlling the tv

2. why am I getting BOTH 'hdmi1 no signal - is it on? AND pair AND then the bouncing Roku??

3. then choose language, but back to pairing failed loop

This is a huge disappointment, supposed to 'just work'.

To be clear, I want to have my own roku account that I can use on smart tvs - if it's a roku tv, that should still work right??

unplugged and all the things, same stupid frustrating loop. Tips appreciated

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Re: New roku tv stick on AirBnB roku tv not working


Thanks for the inquiry.

For clarification, Roku remotes with IR functionality will be able to control a Roku TV.

In regards to your pairing issue, can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? If the device isn't recognized, how are you able to see on screen prompts? How are you powering the Roku device? What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: New roku tv stick on AirBnB roku tv not working

Is this truly a Roku stick? Does it have hdmi connector built in? Or does it accept a hdmi cable? If this is a Roku stick+, do you have the long-range wireless receiver cable attached that looks like this:

The roku stick+ has to have the above for the remote to pair with roku stick, no receiver no pairing. 

So what did happen was your wifi remote from your roku stick paired to the tv instead of the stick, so now the roku tv remote controls the roku tv, and so does your stick remote. But once you have the long range wireless receiver connected, just re-pair the wifi remote to stick+. 

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