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Reel Rookie

New ROKU USB stick and remote to replace older version

We had the previous ROKU box (older model) that plugged into back of TV. We wore out the remote. Time to upgrade. With new ROKU USB stick and remote ... I was ready. I thought. I hoped Plug & Play. Not so far .. Only says HDM2 in the upper right corner of TV. I turned the TV off and on. Nothing seems to "refresh" "reboot". In addition I am unsure how to add new device to my ROKU account on my laptop. In order to link the device on the ROKU website it says I need a code that supposed to appear on my TV.  SOS - HELP

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Roku Guru

Re: New ROKU USB stick and remote to replace older version

Roku doesnt sell USB sticks.

They do sell HDMI sticks (and boxes) powered by USB.

You might want to clarify the name/model # of the device you bought.

1) If you purchased a Streaming Stick+ (or other model) and connected it to HDMI2, make sure you have it powered with the supplied USB AC adapter - NOT your TV's USB port(s) - try again

2) Use another HDMI port - try again

3) Use another TV - try again


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