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Need help finding HDMI splitter w/ Audio Only for Roku Ultra

I just got a TCL Alto 6+ sound bar over the weekend to go with my Roku Ultra and Samsung 65" tv. Currently, I'm using the optical connection from the TV to the sound bar.  However, we cannot control the volume using the Roku remote, nor see the volume controls on the TV when using this optical connection.

I know I have to rewire using HDMI eARC to get the volume controls back on the screen. I want to set up a HDMI splitter coming out of the Ultra, but I believe I need one that has an HDMI audio-only out to go to the sound bar (and send the main video signal to the tv via the other port).

Am I working this out right? If so, can someone point me to a good audio-only splitter? The end goal is to be able to control the volume from the Roku remote and see the volume numbers on my tv.


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