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My roku express came without a plug

I recently brought a roku express and it doesn’t come with a plug, it states that you can plug the usb part into the tv and it’ll work but it doesn’t, I have 2 usb slots on my tv and neither of the work when I plug in the express box, I have taken it back to the shop as I spent £30 on it and they won’t take it back due to it being opened, please can someone help as I don’t want to loose out on money or not be able to use my roku express, thank you 

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Re: My roku express came without a plug


It appears Roku devices sold in the UK do not include a USB power adapter for connection to your home mains. 

If you weren't provided a Roku USB adapter any other you have from another device should work as long as the fine print on it says it supports your UK 220-240vac 50 cycle input and outputs 5vdc of at least 1 amp. 

Unfortunately the USB ports on many televisions, at least in the US, only supply 0.5 amp or less, which is not enough to power a Roku reliably. If the Roku runs at all it may appear to start up okay, but when it runs into something that requires more power than the tv's USB port can provide, something's got to give. Frequently this results in shutting down the stream you are viewing and exiting back to the Roku home screen.

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Re: My roku express came without a plug


The UK Roku Express devices do not come with a power supply. They do in the USA, but not everywhere else.

The Roku Express 4K devices in the UK do come with a power supply.

Is it common for a store to refuse to accept an exchange on an opened item? In the USA it's common for opened items to be returned. How else would someone know it's not operating as expected? I suppose different business standards in different countries.

If you had purchased the item, and it didn't work, would they not allow an exchange? And if they did, would they not allow an upgrade (to the Express 4K) of the (new) unopened item? You're saying it isn't being powered by the USB ports on the TV. That may be a defective Roku device, so would an exchange not be the proper process? And an upgrade to a better device? Yes, it's another £10, but it has better WiFi and better video, plus the power supply. If you bought a power supply, you'd spend at least £5-10, right? If you could get them to exchange as defective, and slight upgrade, you'd get a working Roku and resolve all the issues.

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