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Multiple Roku Sticks for the house

I have two Roku sticks, one of the bedroom, one in the living room and I'm in need of a third.  The first two were setup differently, different log-ins, different accounts (?).  My issue is when I purchased Peacock Premier in the living room, it didn't translate to the bed room.  I couldn't connect to Peacock (paid service).  So what I need/want to do is reset both existing Roku sticks, so that I can log-in to them both on the same e-mail/password (account) so that way whatever I purchase on one, translates to all.  

1) Can I reset them both, and re-log in like new

2) can I sync all (three) roku sticks, so what's available on one is available on all?


I'd like to stick with Roku, but I'm wondering if switching to Amazon Firestick and being logged in through my one Amazon account is the smarter choice.

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Re: Multiple Roku Sticks for the house


You have several options.

If you want the Roku devices to be set up with different accounts -- there are reasons to want this, such as completely different apps on the device -- then each service subscription you want to share, such as Peacock, you should subscribe directly, not via Roku. Note that if you switch to Fire TV Stick devices, you'll encounter the same thing; that is, if you set them up under different Amazon accounts, you would have to do the same thing.

All subscriptions via Roku Pay (including via Roku Channel, or via the Roku device on a standalone app) can only be used with that associated Roku account. Note that it's the same way with Amazon, should you decide to change platforms.

So, if you want to put all your Roku devices on the same Roku account, you can do that. They will all have the same apps, and adding to one adds to all, and removing an app from one removes the app from all.

If you subscribe via Roku Pay, they all use the same subscription automatically. But, again, the subscription is only valid on Roku devices with the same Roku account. Similarly, Amazon is the same way with their devices.

Or, you can stop subscribing via Roku Pay and subscribe to services directly, and log in on the various devices. And, you can do this even if you have both Roku and Fire TV devices. Or Apple TV devices. Or Android/Google TV devices.

You have plenty of options, including switching to Amazon. But you'll be in the same situation.

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