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Make the remote do something

My question is simple but there is no customer support. My tv display is stuck on the language selection no matter which buttons I push. I see a light response on the roku device connected to the hdmi. I'm puzzled why there is not a photo of the remote. A few months ago I setup a roku for a friend. It was very easy. Thus I decided to purchase a roku device to avoid the zillions of options on my lg tv.

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Re: Make the remote do something


First, which device do you have? The model number (9999x or whatever) is on the box.

Are you trying to pair the remote? This may not apply depending on your model number.

On the device is a RESET button, or a pinhole for reset. This depends on the model number. You see why model number is important.

With power applied, press and hold the reset for no less than 30 seconds. That means press and hold for no less than 30 seconds. I say because some interpret that to mean "until the screen does something" or "until I think it's long enough, I didn't really make sure it was 30 seconds" or "eh, that's close enough." No, hold it for no less than 30 seconds. It may have glitched somewhere during initial startup and a factory reset may clear out any garbage that it picked up then.

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