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I want a remote with keyboard

Roku, I hope you see this. We want a remote with a keyboard! I love that your remote runs out of the box with it even controlling my TV. I HATE the arrow entry when we want to find something or get logged out. If anybody knows of someone that makes a plug and play remote that is easy to use and has a keyboard I am open to suggestions.  Its an annoyance to me but I know a lot of people like my father in law who is older and would love this. There is a market for it.

Roku Guru

Re: I want a remote with keyboard

Roku's do not have remote codes for much more than basic controls and direct jumps to streaming services. There are no codes for numbers. The only way to use a keyboard is to use the Roku app on a phone/tablet, and even then, it may depend on the particular channel on whether it's supported or not.